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10 years later... we will never forget




Ten Septembers have come and gone. But no turning of the seasons can diminish the pain and the loss of that day. No passage of time and no dark skies can ever dull the meaning of this moment.

So on this solemn day, at this sacred hour, once more we pause. Once more we pray -- as a nation and as a people; in city streets where our two towers were turned to ashes and dust; in a quiet field where a plane fell from the sky; and here, where a single stone of this building is still blackened by the fires.

We remember with reverence the lives we lost. We read their names. We press their photos to our hearts. And on this day that marks their death, we recall the beauty and meaning of their lives; men and women and children of every color and every creed, from across our nation and from more than 100 others. They were innocent. Harming no one, they went about their daily lives. Gone in a horrible instant...

...the men and women who lost their lives ten years ago today leave a legacy that still shines brightly in the darkness, and that calls on all of us to be strong and firm and united. That is our calling today and in all the Septembers still to come.

I wish I had words

"Right now there is no hope. The team is gone."

I fell in love with hockey when I was a freshman in high school. Fourteen years later I still adore the sport.

When I heard about this crash that took out an entire KHL hockey team this morning, my heart sunk. The single worst tragedy in hockey history. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the players and families.

To the former Red Wings who lost their lives today:

RIP Rusty... it was a joy to have you wear the Winged Wheel. RIP Brad McCrimmon... thank you for everything you brought and gave to the Red Wing organization.

Russian plane carrying top hockey team crashes
Marcus Flint


"The husband" won his first game as head JV football coach on Thursday... I'm a proud proud wifey. I don't get to see him much with football anymore (he gets home around 9 or 10 p.m. every night) so we spent some quality time together today... which was wonderful.

I really need to dive into my beta work that I owe dramapunk and I need to keep working on my first ever hockey RPS story that is already over 6,000 words and that is just ideas bits of thoughts of right now... nothing even strung together yet. Major thanks to my girls who have been holding my hand with this fic... even if it's totally not their fandom. I don't know what I'd do without you *hugs you so tight*

Plans for tomorrow? Sleep in and then lots of fandom goodness.

Plans for now? Play Call of Duty with "the husband" and drink a few more mudslides... hot damn I love the weekend!

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Oh Lord, WHY did I decide to write for a new fandom? This fic. is going to kill me... swear to God.

I need more characters to figure out like I need another hole in my head.

If they weren't so darn cute I wouldn't have these issues...
Marcus Flint

Drabbles-- you want? You can have!

Since I just posted a fic. and I don't feel like diving into another one (and frankly when you post a fic. on and it gets over 80 hits an no one bothers to leave you a comment it really pisses me off) I am offering up drabbles for anyone who wants one.

Give me a character or paring and a very short (one or two word) prompt and I would be happy to write something for ya. I plan on posting these in the comments so they won't be super long, but ya... anyone?
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Fic: Stuck in Reverse (Fix You)

Title: Stuck in Reverse (Fix You)
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Marcus Flint/Oliver Wood
Summary: Marcus struggles to deal with the side effects of a concussion he sustained during a recent game.
Author’s notes: I don’t know, this idea hit me and I had to get it out. I would apologize to Marcus for torturing him so much, but honestly, I like it way too much to do that. The boys are established teammates and roomies in this fic. Warnings? Um, hurt/comfort, boykissing, smut, yada yada yada. As always: a girl can dream, but I don’t own these characters. No harm meant, just having fun.

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Oliver Wood WAS in DH2!!

Thanks to dramapunk and Google... we now know Sean/Oliver WAS in DH2! It really truly is a "blink and you miss it" scene, but the funny thing is... everyone I have talked to (including myself) all picked the same part as to what we thought might be him.

For your viewing pleasure (Oliver is the one leading the charge on brooms during the battle of Hogwarts):


Here is a still photo in case you can't tell it's him:

And his promo shot for the movie (as you can see it's the same clothing as in the above .gif):