x_posed_again (x_posed_again) wrote,

Hello World

I'm still here!

Currently, I am 14 weeks and 2 days pregnant... can't wait for May! I've been battling morning sickness since about week 6 (and let me tell you... the name "morning" sickness is a joke... it happens morning, noon and night!). Now that I'm in my second trimester the docs. say it should start going away, but my mom had morning sickness the whole time she was pregnant with me so I'm not holding out hope.

That being said-- it's been very difficult for me to get any writing done. My life pretty much consists of dragging myself to work, work, getting home, forcing myself to eat and then falling asleep. Hopefully I will get this "burst of energy" everyone keeps telling me will happen.

I hope all of my American Friends had a happy Thanksgiving! I am looking forward to Christmas- time with family is always wonderful, but even more so now with everyone looking forward to our little one joining us next year.

How are all of my lovely LJ friends doing? I hope you are all well!
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