Marcus Flint

Hello World

I'm still here!

Currently, I am 14 weeks and 2 days pregnant... can't wait for May! I've been battling morning sickness since about week 6 (and let me tell you... the name "morning" sickness is a joke... it happens morning, noon and night!). Now that I'm in my second trimester the docs. say it should start going away, but my mom had morning sickness the whole time she was pregnant with me so I'm not holding out hope.

That being said-- it's been very difficult for me to get any writing done. My life pretty much consists of dragging myself to work, work, getting home, forcing myself to eat and then falling asleep. Hopefully I will get this "burst of energy" everyone keeps telling me will happen.

I hope all of my American Friends had a happy Thanksgiving! I am looking forward to Christmas- time with family is always wonderful, but even more so now with everyone looking forward to our little one joining us next year.

How are all of my lovely LJ friends doing? I hope you are all well!
Marcus Flint

Holiday giftfics... going to give it a go!

To say "Happy Holidays" and "I Love You" to my F-list, I am going to write giftfics again this year. So here it goes, if you would like a story as a holiday gift, please let me know in the comments:

Fandom: The fandoms I feel comfortable writing in are listed on the top of my sidebar and in my profile.
Things you would like to see: plot ideas, character attributes, etc
Thing you DO NOT want to see: squeaks, etc
Additional comments (if any)
Be as specific or as general as you like.

I make no promises on how short or long each fic. might be, I will go where the story takes me.
Marcus Flint

To holiday fic or not to holiday fic

I can't believe it's getting close to that time of year again! Holiday fic time! That being said, my life is absolutely bonkos (bonkos is totally a word) crazy right now... as I'm sure everyone's is. Sooooo... is anyone even interested in a holiday fic this year? Just trying to figure out if there is even an interest from anyone on my lovely friends list or if I should abandon the idea this year (i.e. this is not a request post, just trying to figure out if I should do it again this year or not).

Let me know!
Marcus Flint

Two things...

1) Should I be worried at how much a simple grilled ham and cheese sandwich can make me feel so much better?

2) Fic. snip-it for you because, frankly... my muses are busted:

Oliver runs his fingers over bruises, over angry purples and yellows as the colors settle into the empty spaces between Flint’s ribs like wet ink. He watches as the Chaser’s breathing becomes shallow, air puffing out in quick sharp pants whenever Oliver presses too hard, pushes too much. He doesn’t know how to fix it. And not just physically, because fuck if it was only that simple. That easy to just whisper a charm or a spell or some other shit that could take all of the pain away only Oliver isn’t a healer, no matter how hard he tries to be sometimes.

“Marcus,” the name leaves his lips almost in a hiss. Almost a pained sound like Oliver can feel it, all of it. Like the pain is jumping from Flint’s side and radiating up the Keeper’s fingers tips. Osmosis or something and he closes his eyes, concentrates on the too too warm feeling of Flint’s skin under his hand. He thinks of ice and winter and any other fucking cold thing he can think of because it has to be better than doing nothing.

At least he tells himself.

Flint doesn’t move. His breathing is shallow and his eyes are fixed straight ahead on the wall. No tell. No emotion save for the sharp ticks of pain that radiate sporadically through is body. Make him tick and twitch and twist away, hold is breath and slam his eyes shut until the title wave passes by.
Marcus Flint

So glad it's Saturday!

*Stuck on my hockey fic.... I'm wavering on what to do with it right now.

*Can't think of a good topic that is really catching my attention for the H/C Big Bang challenge... M/O is failing me. I think they are mad that I started writing for another fandom and the lack of plot bunnies is now my payback. If I can't come up with something I will have to abandon the idea of signing up :(

*I haven't touched my COD:MW2 fic in months... ugh.

*I'm only working on one fic. right now. That makes me kind of sad.